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Sounds simple, right? But, it requires deep effort to align systems and processes. Celebrate success with R&D hackathons. That’s just one piece of the puzzle. Every single support ticket is tagged. Customer NPS comments are tagged, positive and negative for full transparency.

Other secrets include:

  • Share every product release -- successes and failures
  • All developers interact with users in the Facebook community
  • Everyone sees easy-to-understand visual dashboards.

Join the conversation with Tom Ronen, head of customer success at and Yuval Karmi, CEO at Simpo to uncover those secrets.

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Tom Ronen - Head of Customer Success,

Tom Ronen is the Head of High Touch Customer Success at Originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Tom is now living in NYC and managing monday's NY presence since it's launch in 2018. Tom has been working at monday for over 4 years and has established's Customer-Experience team as well as all of its Customer Success practices for monday's 100k+ paying organizations.

Yuval Karmi
Yuval Karmi - CEO, Simpo

SaaS users must see value, quickly and with ease. It’s what drives a product-led business. Users also deserve amazing in-app experiences. This is why Yuval founded Simpo, a platform that makes SaaS users successful from trial to renewal, at scale. A product guy at heart, Yuval loves to build with a passionate team behind him, solving important business problems. Yuval lives in San Francisco, CA and enjoys creating new things.