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A growing SaaS company serving SMB customers for accounting and finance tracking was managing multiple products. The team needed a way to tailor the user journey experience based on the persona, product and plan type. At the same time maintain a strong brand reputation and support excellence. Jeff Gove, VP of Customer Success & Operations shares wisdom on how to:

  • Pivot to a 100% SaaS with multiple products
  • Which tech stack worked and why
  • Maintain brand reputation with high NPS scores
  • Tailor content by user type, plan etc. across the journey
  • Reduce friction & ticket deflection with in-app help.

If you're a SaaS, product led group, this is for you. Sit back and enjoy.

P.S. skip to minute 10 to get to the most interesting bits! 

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Jeff Gove, VP of Customer Success & IT Operations

Having been in customer facing roles his entire career, Jeff Gove thrives in very challenging environments, and truly enjoys supporting customers from end users to SMB to Fortune 50 accounts. He is passionate about both client service and overall customer experience. He joined Neat in 2012, and has 20+ years in SaaS/ASP managed environments.