Webcast Series Ep. 1

Learn how to help users from trial to renewal...and more!

Customer success has changed a lot over the past several years. Teams are under pressure to help users adopt faster and stay engaged over time. Work-loads spans many parts of the user journey and the success team is the ‘go-to’ when users are challenged, not converting, upselling or renewing.

This series will share real stories, how we can do better, shared by practitioners in the trenches. The first episode covers:

  • Phases of the user's journey and the role CS plays
  • When low-touch is the best approach and when to use high-touch to move the needle
  • A clean hand-off from sales to customer success & must-do's.

You'll come away feeling energized, with new ideas plus we promise to entertain along the way.  Don't miss it.

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Maxwell Smith-Gee, Head of Customer Success

Max is a seasoned professional with over 7 years experience in Account Management and Customer Success. Currently, he leads the Customer Success function at Simpo, and is responsible for building true partnership with our customers, empowering our customers to achieve their goals, and ensuring continual retention and growth within accounts. Fun Fact: While studying abroad in France, Max had to chase down a thief on the subway tracks to get back his passport.

Ben Hancock, Customer Success Manager

Having spent his last three jobs deep in the Customer Success trenches, Ben lives and breathes SaaS. He enjoys coming up with creative & effective ways to continually serve his clients in this ever-evolving SaaS world. Ben strives everyday to solve our customer’s business pains and deliver on Simpo's promised value. Fun Fact: When Ben was 11, he won a 12-foot long Subway sandwich for coming in 1st during a soccer ball juggling contest at a half-time show (over 500+ juggles!)